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Boston Developer Putting Finishing Touches On His 'Airbnb Killer' Hotel

October, 2018

"Boston University School of Hospitality Administration marketing professor Leora Lanz thinks there is room for hotels like the Revolution and brands like Motto to vie for customers who would normally book in a hostel or Airbnb..."

Hotel Business

Survey: Compensation, Career Advancement Keys to Attracting Employees

July, 2018

"Several ISHC members felt the industry should evolve to attune to generational nuances. “So much has to change in the recruitment process to keep millennials and Gen Z even interested in our industry,” said Leora Lanz, ISHC, owner of LHL Communications. “Today’s generation looks at hotels from a real estate perspective or not at all; if it does not make them money, very few are interested in the service and hospitality aspects."

The Real Deal

Doing business in a beach town

June, 2018

"...Others are trying to partner with existing spaces, allowing property owners to put their facilities to alternative use. “Developers are trying to get very creative with their real estate and make the most return,” said Huntington resident and hospitality marketer Leora Lanz of LHL Communications. “The approach for the locals is going to have to be a little different than the approach to seasonal folks, but both could use it.”..."

Boston Hospitality Review

Blending Theory and Practice: Experiential Learning in Hospitality Curriculum

June, 2018

"School of Hospitality Administration’s faculty member Leora Lanz works with hospitality companies large and small to articulate marketing challenges. Entrepreneurs, owners and company senior leadership ask students in the Hospitality Strategic Marketing class to suggest new messaging, advertising, outreach, and online approaches for their organizations. Why? “Fresh ideas,” says Lanz, an SHA lecturer. Smart businesses value new perspectives from young, digital-generation minds..."

BU Today

SHA Students Get the Message Out by Video, Instagram—and Cowboy

May, 2018

"Since 2015, hospitality businesses large and small have been turning to students in Leora Lanz’s classes at the School of Hospitality Administration for help with their marketing challenges. They have not quite handed over the reins, but they have been asking the students in the Hospitality Strategic Marketing class to suggest new messaging, advertising, outreach, and online approaches..."


Hoshino Resorts’ New Midscale Brand Wants to Reinvent the Tourist Hotel

January, 2018

"...Hoshino said OMO will offer guests “real-time local information.” While the company didn’t elaborate on exactly how it would provide this information to guests, Leora Lanz, a member of Boston University School of Hospitality’s marketing department, said she wondered how it would work..."


ISHC elects new leadership and welcomes 24 new members heading into their 30th anniversary year

November, 2017

"The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) held their Annual Conference in Bangkok Same, Same but Different: The Power of Perspective with ISHC members, candidates and Friends of the Society. Attendees enjoyed exceptional programming and memorable networking events and while doing so, took care of critical Society business including the election of the new Board of Directors..."


In Wake Of Hurricanes, Some Hospitality Developers See An Opportunity For Luxury

November, 2017

"The gale force winds have died down and devastating floods have ceased. Though areas in the Caribbean most impacted by the active hurricane season in 2017 face a long road to recovery, hotel operators are finding hope in the wake of the destructive storms. "Of course with natural disasters, we want to recognize the most important issue is the welfare of human lives. But if there’s a silver lining to the devastation of the construction, buildings and infrastructure, I do think there are properties still closed that have the opportunity to be replaced or enhanced with a more sustainable product,” Boston University School of Hospitality Administration marketing professor Leora Lanz said..."


The important roles hotels play in natural disasters

October, 2017

"...For example, following the devastating impact of last month’s storms in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference and Operations Summit, will work with the Rotary Foundation to provide necessities such as water, canned food, and clothing to residents throughout the Caribbean that were affected by these tragic events, writes Leora Lanz, a Boston University School of Hospitality Administration faculty member and owner of LHL Communications in a recent article..."


The Impact of the September 2017 Hurricanes on the Islands of the Caribbean

September, 2017

"When Ebola struck the Sub-Saharan continent in the summer of 2014, thousands of travelers canceled their safari plans in South Africa, resulting in an immediate decline of multimillions of dollars given the tourist cancelations..."

BU School of Hospitality Administration

BU Hospitality students join SAHIC in Havana, Cuba to discover the islands growing hotel development opportunities

June, 2017

"Between May 13-17, 2017 Ally Rung (SHA ’17), Carly Antonioli (SHA ’17), and Juan Montes de Oca Angarita (SHA ’17) joined Professor Leora Halpern Lanz at the South American Hotel Investment Conference (SAHIC) in Havana, Cuba organized by the Latin American Hotel & Tourism Investment Conferences. This was the first time the event was held in Cuba..."

Hotel Management

HSMAI's Top 25 share tips on hospitality sales, marketing & revenue

March, 2017

"In February, the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International held the 60th Annual Adrian Awards at New York City, recognizing excellence in travel advertising, digital marketing and public relations, and the leaders behind the work..."


HSMAI New York conference at top of our game

March, 2017

"Once again the annual Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Digital Marketing Conference in New York on February 22 proved insightful, inspiring and chock full of information. The variety of general and break-out sessions covered the topics we need to remain “on top of” our game to be successful in this continually evolving and fast-paced arena..."


Cutting Through the Clutter to Brand your F&B in 2017

January, 2017

"Now that 2016 is behind us, we can look back at food and dining achievements in the US and acknowledge a number of interesting trends we all enjoyed and appreciated. Restaurants and servers began to more effectively respect diners with food sensitivities and allergies, for example..."


Northwell Health to air sequel to its rebranding ad

December, 2016

“Leora Halpern Lanz, who teaches marketing at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, said her classes screened the Northwell commercial for its emotional appeal. She said that the health care system must reach out to consumers to keep pace with rivals in the New York market...'"

Hotel News Now

HSMAI honors Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality

December, 2016

"The honorees for HSMAI's Top 25: Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing, Revenue Optimization will be presented with their awards at a reception and gala on 21 February 2017..."

Travel Daily News

Hoteliers: tips from real PR pros

September, 2016

"Leora Halpern Lanz of LHL Communications insists on the importance of photography too: 'I do have one tip I share with my hotelier clients: to take photos of events they attend or successes (with guests’ permission of course); when sharing news on social media, photos go a long way and essentially ensure a much higher percentage of engagement with audiences...'"

NCR Silver

How To Make Your Restaurant More Instagrammable

September, 2016

"After developing a signature dish, tweaking your lighting and branding the environment, it’s time to see how diners will react. Leora Lanz, a professor at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, suggests doing an Instagram test run..."


Chipotle Offers Free Drinks and Food Throughout September -- But Will Customers Bite?

August, 2016

"It’s a smart way to curry favor with the next generation of spenders. Hill doesn’t think the younger crowd associates Chipotle with the E.coli outbreaks. I disagree; I haven’t been able to convince my 14-year-old to go back. But if he is right, it’s a low-cost way to attract the younger crowd. But Leora Lanz, a communications expert in the hospitality industry, agrees with Hill...'"


2016’s Best Summer Travel Destinations

June, 2016

"School’s out, the mercury’s rising, and some folks have yet to make good use of their tax refunds. In short, it’s time to plan the perfect summer getaway. According to Adobe’s latest Digital Index Summer Travel Report, Americans plan to spend nearly $83 billion — an increase of 5.5 percent since 2015 — on hotels and flights booked online during the warmer months..."


Hain Celestial reformulates some shampoos, other products

April, 2016

"Leora Halpern Lanz, from Huntington, who lectures on marketing at Boston University, said that companies like Hain that promote their products as natural need to monitor ingredients carefully. “Does that impact their credibility? Absolutely,” she said. But if the company quickly modifies formulations in response to consumer concerns, “then I’m going to trust them...'"

7 Questions You Must Ask to Make Sure You Get the Best Hotel Room Available

February, 2016

"We consulted two travel experts -- Christine Sarkis, senior editor of, and Leora Lanz, Professor of Marketing, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration -- for the routine questions they ask every time they get a hotel room. When should you bust out these no-fail questions?..."


Northwell Health plans Super Bowl ad promoting new brand

February, 2016

"Leora Lanz, a Boston University professor of marketing who commutes from Huntington, said that Northwell Health’s rebranding requires a broad advertising campaign. 'You have a new mission and vision for your product, but you’ve got to tell the people about it,” she said. “When you do something this big, you have to market it big. The Super Bowl is the advertising stage for many brands and many products.'"

Two Decades a Restaurant

A Case Study in Refreshing Successful Customer Interaction & Marketing Engagement in Mature Restaurants

February, 2016

"In the hospitality industry, restaurants can triumph or fail by the triangle of success: quality service to support, informative – push/pull – marketing to relay, and capital to financially back – a quality product..."


Want to Travel With National Geographic? Now You Can

January, 2016

"Leora Lanz, a full-time lecturer at Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration, adds that such diversifying also allows companies to increase their revenue streams and strengthen their brand. 'There is brand prestige with Discovery Channel," she explains. "And this is a brand extension for Discovery. Anyone who follows certain shows on Discovery Channel, and there are a lot of loyal fans, this is extending the brand to make more money...'"

[PODCAST] The Travel Bite with Rachelle Lucas

Food Trends for 2016

January, 2016

Rachelle Lucas is a food and travel blogger that shares stories from her adventures around the world. From chatting with top chefs and winemakers, to talking with other travelers about unique eats and experiences, Rachelle will tempt your tastebuds and take your imagination on a culinary journey across the globe.

Creative Click Media

Sixteen for ’16 – Top Marketing Professionals Share New Years Resolutions for Business

January, 2016

"Learn As Much As Possible. I resolve to think even more profoundly about issues so that I can articulate my concerns and insights as I continue to position myself stronger as a thought leader in my industry working with clients I truly believe in. I enjoy working collaboratively so I need to immerse myself in teams I enjoy..."