LHL Communications provides hotel owners and operators strategic marketing and communications advisory and support. Our dynamic, innovative approach allows us to offer expert counsel in hotel sales, content marketing and integrative marketing communications, public relations, media relations and sales training.


LHL Communications Services: Positioning / Branding

Positioning / Branding

LHL can work to create a message that is right for you while focusing on your key points, in the proper format and timing for the intended audience. LHL’s vast industry knowledge and network of contacts can cut through the clutter and create compelling content.


LHL Communications Services: Sales Training

Sales Training

“The Brand of You” – enabling sales managers to be comfortable and share personal and professional interests, passions and successes in order to connect with prospective clients.

“Solution Sales Training” - triggering sales managers to dig a little deeper to truly identify what the client is looking for and determining who makes the ultimate purchase decision.

“Social Media Insights” - converging your personal and professional brands, reiterating that each individual sales manager has his or her own passions, interests and hobbies and concerns yet still represents the employer and employer’s company.


LHL Communications Services: Press Relations, Hospitality Industry

Press Relations, Hospitality Industry

LHL provides a diplomatic and polite, yet informative and strong demeanor, coupled with writing skills and the ability to retain industry and press relationships over time to get the job done. With 30 plus years of industry relationships, LHL identifies publicity opportunities to share your story.


LHL Communications Services: Media Training

Media Training

Recommended for executives at any level. Understanding the critical skills so that a spokesperson understands how to clearly communicate key messages. Practice time is utilized to hone in on the messages, articulate them succinctly and repeat them in a variety of ways so as to be fluent and comfortable, while being prepared for unusual or out of the ordinary questions.


LHL Communications Services: Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

As a frequent guest speaker, moderator and panelist, LHL can share hospitality Public Relations and marketing information and insights in a variety of settings both professional and educational. Utilizing vast knowledge and experience engages captivates and inspires audiences.


LHL Communications Services: Online Branding and Strategy

Online Branding & Strategy

Digital presence today is a necessity and by monitoring key words and working with you, together we can ensure that responses are part of the social media conversation.


LHL Communications Services: Hotel Public Relations and Publicity

Hotel Public Relations and Publicity

Together lets develop your Public Relations and branding objectives, for communications consistency in press releases, website copy, e-mailers, and more.